Beginning the Process- Fiona Smyth

I begin my process for this project with a vague understanding of the famous manuscripts of Shan Hai Jing and therefore try to enter the narrative with my own interpretations of the meanings of landscape, body, and mythology.

 I’m also referencing paintings I’ve created in the past titled The Mouth, and my “sleeping woman” imagery. The Mouth paintings revealed a topsy turvy world of no sky, a cavernous landscape. The sleeping woman is a recurring motif of changing meaning but mainly an image contrasting resilience and permeability. 
I’ve recently moved closer to Toronto’s High Park and I’m seeking inspiration there as well.

 I am not creating preparatory sketches or under drawings but working with liquid acrylic directly on cold press watercolour paper. The intent of working so directly is to create an immediacy and urgency in these works. I will allow the images to grow intuitively.